April 20, 2007 Gigamix Here I stand in the middle of this gigamix with nothing in my hand but this big mass of red. This red will not get me the flavor I would like to have but it will make things taste like they came from Denmark. When I was there I saw a little girl in a blue dress holding a yellow lollypop and smiling like she knew what was going to happen, I didn't want to ask but as I approached, her head expanded and engulfed the smoke of the Slunick. "Gah!" I screamed, it was not the kind of thing you expect from monkeys in the black orange from the fallen tree, but it was quite relaxing in the end. After things settled I happened back in my car and listened to the fretboard slapping against the strings with a vibration that made me think of Mexico. It wasn?t that bad but it made me want to drop into a large ditch and flip with a nothing 360. After my girl took a bath I changed the hat on her head and reminisced about the days before the workout took over. When I was younger things didn?t seem like they were that thrilling, at the time, but now I know that changing her bumbum would make her happier, less dragged down. Shopping is the thing she will do in the future but for now it is a bottle in the mouth that makes her think things like she does. It is nice yet repetitious to listen to that ray gun disintegrating my skull like a New Guinea red worm.